Old Gallery

The Kirby Bellars group includes artists working in a range of media and styles, with diverse subject interests.  There is a strong representation of traditional paintings, especially watercolour, and some of the finest artists in the area are working in this style.  There is also an increasing variety of subject matter and media.
This gallery of members' work hints at the range of styles and subjects. Click on any image to view larger version.  For more information on individual artists see members page.
 Elaine Bedford 2016 Linda Crossley 2016  Carole Williams 2016 
David Wenborn 2016   David Freer 2016  Chris Goodson 2016
 David Wright 2016  Lesley Dyason 2016  Judy Buerling 2016
Lydia Manship 2016 Carol Pendery 2016