Leicester Mercury Review of 2007 Exhibition

(May 03, 2007)
Leicester Mercury

ArtScene - Leslie Goodwin 

The Spring Bank Holiday weekend once again brings the opening of the Kirby Bellars group of artists' 26th annual exhibition.  The group shows a collection of work that will delight anyone who makes the journey to this small village near Melton Mowbray.
Not all the artists live in the village.  Only two, in fact, including their well-known president, David Weston, who shows three watercolours in his lively inimitable style.
Chairwoman Judy Buerling steps from a traditional technique with her evocations on a garden and seaside theme, that depend on design and colour for their success in a series of overlapping images that give an overall view of her chosen subjects.
Among those following a more traditional approach, David Wright's Stanway shows a nice touch where the light is well caught, and Tim Hughes' Fiskardo is a vibrant and large watercolour that captures the heat and brilliance of of that particular Greek island.
Pots, Gordon Currer
STRIKING:  Gordon Currer's work
Kathmandu Pots is part of the display
Tony Slater moves somewhat away from the obvious with his Old Fordson that ventures towards abstraction in part, and Nicola Pennill displays a lively collection of work amongst which her Coquet Island not only has great atmosphere and colour, but leaves much for the viewer to contribute.
Others that caught my eye were Roger Lancaster's acrylic paintings of Venice.  This artist continues to experiment and progress with his technique that moves well towards impressionism, but with abstract passages of well thought out colour.
Carol Williams' stunning flower paintings strengthen the diversity of this exhibition, as does Gordon Currer's Kathmandu Pots, which is a striking piece of design. 
Leslie Goodwin

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