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(April 30, 2010)
Each year, at the beginning of May, the tiny Leicestershire village of Kirby Bellars plays host to the Annual Exhibition of the Kirby Bellars Group of Artists, or KBGA as it is better known.  Founded some twenty nine years ago by the well known artist, David Weston, who lives in the village, the club has grown in size and popularity, attracting artists from all parts of Leicestershire and well beyond.  They meet each Monday evening throughout the winter months in the village hall, but work outside direct from nature during the summer.  From this it may be rightly assumed that the majority of the work to be seen at the club's exhibitions is of a traditional nature, but that is not to say that much of it is not twenty first century in outlook and execution.

DW Mist in the Fishing Creek

David Weston                                                      Mist in the Fishing Creek

The Spring Bank Holiday weekend in early May brings hundreds of visitors to Kirby Bellars, including many artists from other clubs and some from great distances. The high standard of the paintings in the exhibition brings people back year after year to enjoy and buy the work on show. With a membership of around 35, admission to the club is now limited, and anyone wishing to join must submit their work to the group's committee to gain acceptance. A few are lucky enough to join what is a very friendly and encouraging group of artists, some of whom have many years experience behind them.


The club's President, David Weston, regularly attends the meetings and is always on hand with advice when requested. He is justly proud that something that started with humble aspirations has grown into an established art group with such a considerable following.
Visit the 28th Annual Exhibition of the Kirby Bellars Group of Artists at the Village Hall, Kirby Bellars from May 1st-3rd 2010. Opening times are 10 am - 5pm.  Refreshments are available and admission is free.



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