About Kirby Bellars Group of Artists

What makes us tick?
The Kirby Bellars Group of Artists was founded by David Weston in 1982.  The aim of the group is to foster the appreciation of visual arts and the improvement of members' own work.
Members meet weekly in Kirby Bellars village hall for painting or demonstrations, but during the summer months we can be found in the highways and byways searching for yet more subjects to paint.  There are also opportunities for more formal criticism throughout the year.
The annual exhibition is a major event in the group's calendar, and is always held on the May Day Bank Holiday. This ensures that year on year the standard is high.
Weekly meetings are a chance for members to catch up and paint together
We occasionally have vacancies in our membership.  You are very welcome to join us during the summer evenings and enjoy an evening sketching or painting, followed by a social get together to find out more.
Prospective new members are asked to provide evidence of current work which is submitted to the committee.  Associate members may be accepted who can participate in the clubs activities, but have limited exhibition rights. 
Further details of the group's activities and joining process from secretary Elaine Bedford 01664 823003 or contact the group here.